(of an object, movement, or event) be reminiscent of or have shared characteristics 
Eko Deko's roots began in a small wood shop with the desire to design in the most sustainable way possible. Today, 100% of the lumber used is recycled and re-purposed into art that reflects nature, without harming nature.
It takes a little more work to get salvaged lumber back into a state where it can be used to build with. This means extra hours of prepping material, such as: cleaning, de-nailing, painting, sanding, and planing every single board that we source. The majority of the lumber is sourced from trees and branches knocked down after storms, or from barns, buildings/homes, and fences taken down around North Texas.
 This process is not only sustainable, but it gives each piece real details that echo the life and unique story carried through the variations of grains, knots, and weathering that can only be characterized by time and natural elements.
As woman-owned small business, the extra time and effort required to create sustainable products is welcomed in order to extend eco-friendly design alternatives to our clients. Our effort towards a sustainable operation is to create a positive impact on the environment in our own small way. Based on production demands, Eko Deko saves up to 24 trees weekly by creating with reclaimed wood. 
Your business is not just a purchase. It is an act of forest conservation and a contribution to the change wildly needed to slow the consequences of global warming and waste.
Here's to the opportunity to choose products that make a difference beyond their functionality. 
"What a difference a little difference would make" - Fugazi