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XL Hexagon Planter 27x32”
XL Hexagon Planter 27x32”

XL Hexagon Planter 27x32”

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NOTE: our workshop is closed until October 20th while we are the State Fair of Texas. Please expect a 3-4 week turn around time on this item. 

Dimensions: approx 27x32” with 3.5” shelf depth 

Reclaimed cedar

This listing is for the planter shelf only.  Cactus or potting materials not included 

Tips for planting:

-use succulents, cactus, or plants that do not require much watering 

-use ice cubes to water, depending on plant type, usually 1-2 cubes of ice per plant does the trick. Water cactus once per month. 

-place in a sunny room, direct light isn’t necessarily required, usually a room with a window is alright! Check the amount of sunlight the specific plant you are using requires

Since these items are made from reclaimed wood, there will be slight variations in size, finish, and weathering, that add to the unique value of each piece. 

Mounting Tips:
- Find a stud to hang the shelf from
- Place dry wall anchors in the top two corners of the shelf 
(mounting supplies not included)