Dallas Locals

The items listed in this collection are larger scale pieces and/or live plant arrangements that are currently only available for Dallas locals who can schedule a local pick up or personal delivery arrangement with our team.

To purchase:

Listings will include if the item requires personal delivery to your address or can be picked up at the Dallas Farmers Market. If the item will not fit in your vehicle, we will deliver it to you for a fee. To check out, simply add the piece to your cart and check out as you normally would, filling in your shipping address information. Then, reach out with your preferred date and time for delivery or pick up. 

Again, these items are only available to Dallas locals or to those that can arrange local delivery/pick up in the Dallas area. If you are not local to Dallas but would like to purchase a piece listed in this collection, please reach out to consult possible shipping arrangements via professional courier. 


Local pick up location: Dallas Farmers Market 

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